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We provide our services for whatever renovation requirements you have since we think everybody deserves to live in a home they love.

Home renovation work in Dubai

One Stop Facilitiez is the most reputable & trustworthy firm for home renovations and villa renovations in Dubai and has the full capacity to carry out complete solutions. Your commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to fulfilling their needs and demands while staying within their budget is commendable. We work to make your idea a reality by concentrating on client happiness, needs, and demands within a wise budget. With many years of expertise in engineering and construction in the UAE, our management values professionalism. We manage all aspects of the makeover, from workspace design and planning to construction. Our dependable and knowledgeable personnel can assist you with any stage of your house remodeling in Dubai. Our house refurbishment service in Dubai covers all aspects of construction, including air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, roofing, flooring, interior design, & painting. We also aid in obtaining permissions from governing organizations and authorities. We are here to meet all of your needs for your home or business makeover under one roof by offering all interior and exterior home expansion and renovation services.

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Our Goal

We offer everything you're searching for, whether you desire a fresh, contemporary appearance or are just trying to clear the clutter. Our objective is to offer reasonable services and a satisfying client experience. Let us handle your demands so you may concentrate on other things. House renovations in Dubai significantly impact your house and family. We provide our services for whatever renovation requirements you have since we think everybody deserves to live in a home they love. From beginning to end, our procedure is made to make the experience simple and smooth.


Professional home renovation service in Dubai

Our objective is to provide professional home renovation services in Dubai and give a satisfying experience to our clients. We provide personalized home refurbishment services, empowering you to choose your ideal living space. In order to simplify the experience from start to finish, we have provided a detailed procedure. One Stop Facilitiez provides the best home renovation work in Dubai. We offer turnkey services for all types of houses, which can make the renovation process much easier for customers.

We provide the following services for home renovation in Dubai:

Interior and exterior renovations to the house's current design.

This service involves renovating the home's exterior, interior walls and ceilings, and flooring. This choice is the least expensive and takes little time to complete.

Complete refurbishment of the home

This service offers a comprehensive selection of finishing tasks, such as interior and exterior fit-out, eliminating flaws, and reinforcing buildings. In this situation, we often replace engineering communications entirely or in part. This improves the home's convenience and safety, allowing the subsequent major repairs to be put off for a considerable amount of time.

Bathroom renovation and shower installation

Bath or shower should be a place to feel pampered and safe, and our company offers shower designs that can enhance safety while being virtually maintenance-free. After a long, busy day at work, the bathroom or shower may be your haven and the ideal place to relax. It's remarkable how much this simple and inexpensive renovation can improve your bathroom's wow factor.

Kitchen Renovation

We have expertise working on improvements, from kitchen upgrades to bathroom renovation, and provide top-quality projects in Dubai.


Signs You Need a Home Renovation Service

Worn Out Floors

It is important to renovate floors that are showing signs such as buckling or shifting wood floors, cracked grout around the tile, or worn-out carpeting. It's crucial to address these issues promptly as they can lead to more significant problems in the future, such as a shifting foundation or further damage to the flooring. Renovating floors can not only restore their functionality and appearance but can also enhance the value and aesthetic of your home.

Leaking roof

A leaking roof is a sign that a home may need renovation. Water damage can cause structural issues, mold growth, and other safety hazards, so it's crucial to repair any leaks as soon as they are noticed. Water stains on walls or ceilings indicate an issue with the roof. It's important to call a professional to address the problem. Your property may sustain significant damage from a leaky roof, so it's critical to address it immediately.

You're considering selling your home and want to maximize resale value

Making some improvements to your home before selling it may be a good idea. Renovating your home increases its value and appeal. You can sell it for more or enjoy living in a newly updated space.


Termites may seriously harm your house, weakening the foundation and support beams, which can lead to safety concerns. Termites can damage your home if left untreated, which can lead to expensive repairs and spread to other areas. To minimize damage and prevent safety hazards, it's crucial to address termite infestations promptly. A professional renovation company can assess the damage and provide solutions for repairing and preventing future termite infestations.


Benefits of Home Renovation Service

Increase the Value of Your House

Making simple improvements to your property will raise its marketability and value and speed up the sale or rental process.

Energy Savings

To limit energy usage and save utility costs, we may assist you in implementing a power-efficient electrical system.

Health Advantages

To prevent you from serious chronic health problems like asthma and allergies, we utilize zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paint.

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