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Electricity is something that we all take for granted and when there is a problem, we understand that you need it sorted as quickly as possible.

Electrical work services in Dubai

Dealing with electrical problems demands expertise and a well-thought-out plan because there is a possibility of getting shocked. Additionally, even in cities like Dubai, electrical problems are prevalent. To address all the electrical issues, everyone requires an electrician. In Dubai, One Stop Facilitiez has the best electrician in Dubai that gives services at reasonable rates. All work is performed out safely and with the highest standards, with the efforts of our team of electricians. In search of a cheap electrician in Dubai, we are here for you, and we also offer installation, upgrades, repair, and maintenance for electrical systems. Our affordable electricians have the knowledge and abilities to suit your needs. One Stop Facilitiez provides customers with the best electrical service in Dubai. Our electricians are reliable, arrive on time, and leave your home neat and orderly. You will be satisfied because we are Dubai's top electrical work service supplier.


Best electrical maintenance in Dubai

One Stop Facilitiez takes a different approach to electrical work service in Dubai. It's simple to communicate your problems because our booking staff comprises subject-matter specialists. Our specialists can frequently pinpoint the issue even during their first phone conversation, indicating that they are well prepared for the task before they arrive. We have the best electrician in Dubai who provides you with high-quality electrical services in Dubai, whether you need an electrical installation or a 24-hour electrician in Dubai. We plan to provide you with a team of the best electricians in Dubai who are dependable and certified. Our licensed electricians are capable of managing the wiring for a full home, business, or retail space. You may quickly schedule one of our licensed electricians if you discover a problem with your home's wiring. Don't endanger your life by having an electrical accident. To keep your house safer, rely on our skilled electricians in Dubai. With the best electrician service in Dubai from us, make your life more pleasant. Choose from a wide selection of electrical services we offer.

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Common Electrical Problems In Dubai

Recurring power outages

Lightning strikes, damage to power lines, malfunctioning appliances, and poor electrical wiring in the home are just a few examples of things that might result in electrical surges. Even though a surge only lasts for a nanosecond, numerous surges can seriously shorten the life expectancy of the electrical components linked to your home.


Power sags and dips

Electrical surges, sags, and dips are frequently caused by equipment linked to the electrical grid malfunctioning or constructed of inferior materials that use a lot of energy when switched on.

Light Switches Not Functioning Correctly

It may indicate that the switches have been replaced and the fixtures removed if you have recently moved into a new home and discover switches that don't work efficiently. Alternatively, it may indicate a problem with the outlet, circuit, or wiring. If you're having problems with switches in your home, speak with an electrician.


Frequently tripping circuit breakers

Hairdryers and other high-wattage appliances like microwaves may trip circuit breakers, especially if other power-hungry appliances are utilized on the same source. A circuit breaker's trip is evidence that it protects you and your house.


Overloaded Circuits

Overloading electrical boards is one of the main reasons circuit breakers trip frequently. Recent homes and flats typically need more power outlets to support a full home theater unit setup. Circuit overload may be the cause of your home's often tripping breakers.


Signs you need an electrical service

Loose Outlets or switches

Check each electrical outlet and light switch as you stroll around your house. The wire under switches and outlets ages and may become loose. If you see this, be aware that if they are utilized, they might catch fire. Be careful and stop using these switches and sockets, and make an electrical inspection appointment.


Surges occur using major appliances

Using large appliances like air conditioners, dishwashers, washers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, water heaters, and microwaves should be safe. However, using several appliances at once might result in an electrical surge that starts a fire. 


Burning smells

A burning smell could indicate an electrical problem, and it is essential to locate the source of the smell and take appropriate action to prevent any further damage or safety hazards. Turn off all switches and unplug any devices in the area or room where you smell the burning odor, and only use outlets or switches once you have had the wiring inspected by a qualified electrician.


Flickering lights

Flickering lights can be a sign of wire damage or a faulty switch. In some cases, the wiring in the switch could be frayed or corroded, leading to a poor connection that causes the lights to flicker. If you notice flickering lights and suspect the issue is with a switch, it's best to have an electrician inspect the wiring and replace any faulty components.

Hot electrical sockets and switches

Suppose you notice that an electrical outlet or switch is producing excessive heat to the point where it is uncomfortable to touch or burns your hand. In that case, it's crucial to stop using it immediately and call for an electrical inspection. Excessive heat can indicate a potential fire hazard or electrical overload that could cause damage to your home's wiring.


Benefits Of Regular Electrical Service

Security-Conforming Electrical WorkSecurity-Conforming Electrical Work

Electrical defects and issues can be hazardous and pose a safety risk to your family and property. Ensuring that any electrical work in your home is carried out with the safety regulations by qualified and experienced professionals is essential. Professional electricians have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely and efficiently identify and repair electrical problems safely and efficiently.

Consumption Of Economic Electricity

Faulty electrical systems and appliances can increase energy consumption and higher utility bills. When electrical devices are not working correctly, they may require more energy, leading to wasted energy and increased costs. By addressing electrical issues promptly and repairing faulty systems, you can prevent unnecessary energy consumption and protect yourself from unexpected utility bills. Regular maintenance & inspections can also help identify potential issues and ensure that your electrical systems function correctly and efficiently.


Assurance Of Quality

Quality assurance is essential when it comes to electrical work. Electrical systems can be complex and dangerous, and it's crucial to ensure that the work is done to the highest safety and quality standards to avoid potential hazards. At One Stop Facilitiez, quality assurance is a top priority, with the best electrical repair service in Dubai. All their technicians are qualified and trained to maintain safety standards, including while undertaking electrical work.

Job Done By Qualified Professionals

Choosing qualified professionals for your electrical services is essential to ensure that your electrical systems are repaired and installed safely and efficiently. Electrical systems can be complicated & dangerous, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. One Stop Facilitiez is committed to delivering the highest quality and safety standards. We have qualified and experienced electricians, and they are trained to handle electrical problems, from simple repairs to complex installations.


How We Do It

We provide all kinds of electrical work services in Dubai, from commercial to residential. When there is a power outage or an issue with your electrical system, we will be more than pleased to get you back up & running. We provide a complete electrical maintenance service in Dubai, taking care to meet the project's requirements.

We provide our clients with the greatest electrical upgrades and rewiring solutions while minimizing interruption and allowing for future development.  We also provide an emergency electrician in Dubai in case you need immediate service.


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