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AC is something that we all take for granted and when there is a problem, we understand that you need it sorted as quickly as possible.

AC Service and Repair in Dubai

Are you searching best AC service in Dubai? We know it's challenging to frequently service every device at your house. There is no need to explore further if you are searching for "An AC maintenance service near me." One stop facilitiez provides the best AC maintenance and AC repair services in Dubai and the nearby areas. To save your hassle, one stop facilitiez has developed the best AC maintenance services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our experts are the best because they are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. We can take care of all your AC needs, whether you need it inspected, fixed, serviced, or even replaced. You can book us for any kind of service like AC fixing, AC repair, AC maintenance service, and AC installation service at services at your convenience because we are only a click away.

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Best Ac Maintenance In Dubai

Our technical staff are some of the most skilled in the UAE, frequently carrying out preventive and reactive maintenance to systems across thousands of homes each week. We are Dubai's leading air conditioning maintenance service company for the best AC maintenance & AC repair in Dubai. We have an understanding of common problems and know what to fix:

  • • Air handling equipment and fan coils
  • • Pressure and temperature sensors that are not working properly
  • • Filters and variable air valves
  • • Unusual noise due to loose fittings
  • • Fan belts that aren't working properly
  • • The buildup of dust and sand in the fan and motor bearings
  • • AC drain outlets that are clogged
  • • Starter motors, relays, or timers that have failed
  • • Thermostatic temperature control failure
  • • Dirty/clogged air filters and diffusers


Following are the best AC maintenance and repair services we offer in Dubai:

Thermostat inspection:

To check the status of a thermostat, We ensure the thermostat is fitted at a distance from any kind of heat source & is working properly.

Examining the electrical circuit:

The general check ensures everything is running safely and electrical circuits are fitted correctly. This extends the life expectancy of the air conditioner & eliminates any electric hazards.

Lubrication of moving parts:

Our technicians grease all parts during AC maintenance service. Increased friction, heat, breakage, and expenses are incurred due to less lubrication.

Condensation Drain Lines:

Although AC cannot function without condensation, water shouldn't be allowed to pool in a blocked drain. If the drain pipes are not cleaned, the HVAC may develop moisture problems, bacteria buildup, and water leaks. Our professionals take extra care and make sure that all the drain pipes are clean.

Upkeep of Air Filters:

The air filters may stop the functioning of the AC’s airflow smoothly if left clogged & unclean. 


Common Air Conditioner Problems in Dubai

Defective wiring

An air conditioning machine needs to be connected to cables in order to function properly. You may experience system wear and tear if the fan and compressor are connected via poor wiring. It is crucial to ensure that the wiring and connections are installed properly and without defects to avoid problems with the AC unit's functioning. It is not a DIY project, and it is best to call a professional electric technician to handle any issues related to the electrical system of your AC unit. A qualified technician will have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and fix any problems with the circuit breaker and electrical components of the AC unit, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently. This can also help prevent potential safety hazards associated with faulty electrical connections.

Blocked air filters

Due to the rising utilization of air conditioning throughout the summer, air filters can quickly become clogged. Dust enters the split AC unit and blocks it every time you switch on your air conditioner. The contaminated and dirty air causes freezing or system failure. The effectiveness of HVAC systems can suffer when the air filter is clogged with dust particles and ceases to function. Your air conditioner's airflow may decrease as a result of unclean air filters. It is advised to examine the air filters with the assistance of an AC professional while looking for issues like the inability to control indoor air temperature and high power usage. Get a free estimate from an experienced team of AC professionals to solve these blocked air filter issues.

Slow Airflow

Slow airflow may indicate that your AC system is having serious problems. It is essential to consider this if the pressure in your HVAC system is fluctuating because this could result in significant maintenance costs. Since the air filter can also be harmed by dirt, the fan cannot be activated to throw air from the air filter. This problem should be treated immediately because it is caused by major issues with duct leakage, vent clogging, and low refrigerant levels. If the issue remains unresolved, contact One stop facilitiez specialists for AC duct cleaning in Dubai.

Failure of AC fan

Failure of the AC fan is the following common AC problem. If the fan is not operating properly, your home cannot be properly cooled. By slowing the fan's rotation, overheating compromises a system's ability to transport heat safely. In this situation, the fan motor may be damaged, indicating that the compressor is not operating properly.

Thermostat Problem

The air conditioners in Dubai must gauge the necessary temperature using a thermostat as the heat index rises during the summer. When a sensor is not functioning properly, the thermostat, which controls the compressor, shuts off.

Frozen evaporator coil

A frozen evaporator coil can cause an AC unit to stop functioning properly, as the system does not receive enough air to work efficiently. This problem can occur due to unclean coils, leading to insufficient airflow and an inability to correctly direct the airflow. As a result, the refrigerant cannot obtain warm air, and the coils freeze because the refrigerant has become too chilly and wet.

AC smells bad

Bacterial growth is a major cause of inefficiency and can lead to mold development in the system. If the AC smells bad, it is essential to identify the source of the smell to determine the appropriate course of action. Different types of smells can indicate different issues, such as a burning smell, a signal of a motor or wiring issue, and a gas smell, which can indicate a gas leak and safety hazard. If you detect any of these smells, it is best to turn off the AC unit immediately and seek the help of an AC technician to fix the problem.


Advantages of AC Service

  • Maintaining your AC efficacy: It is common to postpone repairs until the AC stops working. Even when they are working well, air conditioners lose more than 5% of their effectiveness each year.
  • Maintaining 95% performance: If you get frequent service, you may keep your AC running at 95% efficiency.
  • Reduced risk: Regular maintenance will also keep you safe from significant disruptions.
  • Higher longevity: With higher efficiency comes an increase in lifespan. Comfort will be enhanced while costs will be decreased.
  • Improved cooling: The total cooling performance of an AC is significantly increased as a result of routine AC servicing and maintenance. The condition of the AC's components is guaranteed by routine maintenance.
  • Improve electric efficiency: Lower your costs by scheduling routine maintenance for your air conditioner.

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